how to look good | Choosing Your Suit


Okay guys it’s time to make some decisions.  Maybe you’ve had your hand in a few things at this point and helped out with the wedding planning here and there but this is the first decision that’s all yours.  Your suit.

Now, you don’t have total freedom here; you’re still held to the restrictions of the wedding colors.  This is more important than it sounds, the colors of the wedding tie everything together.  Obviously, all eyes are on you and your bride all day and since she’s probably wearing white, that means the wedding colors start with you.  So once you’ve been told what colors you need it’s time to head down to your favorite retailer and get to work.


The first decision you have to make is whether or buy or rent.  The decision process here is fairly obvious: you can spend less and give it back or you can spend more and keep it for life.  The only significant difference between the two is that, in my experience, when you purchase a suit from a respectable retailer you can count on a proper cut.  Having your suit properly tailored is the absolute most important priority when making sure you look good on your wedding day. If the difference between a tailored and not tailored suit is not clear to you, just think back to the time you were 17 and had to wear your dad’s suit- that’s the look we’re trying to avoid. There’s a big difference between a $300 Calvin Klein and a $1,000 Hugo Boss but once it’s been properly tailored to your body the difference is relatively minimal.  If your going to rent you have the option to aim a little higher and get a nicer brand but again, you have to give it back.


Next comes material.  The options are surprisingly vast for a product designed for men.  From cashmere to cotton and linen everything has a different look and feel. Some resources like This One give you a good head start on making your decision but you really have to see them for yourself.  The best advice I can give is to think outside the box. Cotton is all well and good but consider something that really stands out.  Seersucker is getting more and more popular these days (if you’re not into a seersucker suit at least consider the tie, it’s a really cool look), and the texture really pops in pictures.  If you really want to make a statement go with tweed, yeah that’s right tweed is back.  Who says the 19th century can’t contribute to modern fashion?

Finally, just a couple more tips to help with decisions you may have never faced before:

“Notch Lapel” vs. “Peak Lapel” = Classic vs. More formal

1, 2 or 3 buttons = 1 is good for tall and thin, 2 is great for everyone, 3 is considered outdated and I’d stay clear.  Anything more than 3 and you should seriously question the person selling you these clothes.

Here’s what matters in the end; this can be your decision.  I don’t know many guys that take the reigns on this one, they almost always let the bride choose for them.  Make it your own and pick a suit that makes you look awesome and pumps your ego.


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