Groomsmen Gift Ideas | tips for picking the perfect gifts


The Groomsmen Gift; this is an area that I have seen attempted, completely forgotten, and knocked out of the park.  I want to help you be the guy who knocks it out of the park.  First off, this might not even be on your radar- it certainly wasn’t on mine.  Many of the topics I’ll be covering in the Groom’s Guide are things I wish I had done better in my wedding now that I’ve gotten to see so many people do a better job at being a groom than I did.  So, make sure it’s on your to-do list. A proper groomsmen gift doesn’t just thank your guys for being there for you, it lets them know you appreciate them as your friends.  Plus when done right, it helps to establish what kind of day this is going to be.


My gifts to my groomsmen were simple, I did what I thought I knew was supposed to be done and I went to Things Remembered.  On the wedding day my guys opened personalized glass beer mugs with their names on them.  I don’t mean to suggest that that wasn’t a nice gift, it just wasn’t actually personal and didn’t do much to tell them what they meant to me.  A lot of decisions need to be made when choosing the contents on the gift.  Here are a few tips:

  • The groomsmen gift is a good opportunity to include any required items for the day, like the tie and socks if you have purchased special ones for them.
  • It’s all about the booze.  Whether it’s in a flask, a sample bottle or a 750ml bottle, a nice whiskey goes a long way.  The closer you can get to the top shelf, the better.  Not only do most guys like a nice drink (especially one that costs more $$ than they’d usually spend on themselves), this is a good opportunity for everyone to share a drink before the wedding.
  • I see a lot of grooming supplies and it always goes over well.

plam-beach-singer-island-beach-wedding-photographers_0040 plam-beach-singer-island-beach-wedding-photographers_0042

Now it comes down to packaging.  Be creative and fun but keep it classy, hop on to Pinterest if you need inspiration, there’s no shortage there (Pinterest isn’t just for the bride, there’s no shame in clicking). Cigar boxes are popular which doesn’t mean you should avoid it, they’re classy and functional.  Find something that fits your group- whether you’re fraternity brothers or all play golf.  I like the personalized coolers below for fishing buddies.

plam-beach-singer-island-beach-wedding-photographers_0037 plam-beach-singer-island-beach-wedding-photographers_0039 plam-beach-singer-island-beach-wedding-photographers_0043

So take a few minutes to sit down and think about it, maybe spend a little bit more money than you had planned.  These are the guys you’ve chosen to have your back up there, show them how much they mean to you. Above all remember that your wedding should be personal, and so should every detail.


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