getting guys on board with the engagement session | it’s easier than you think


If there’s a common theme among most guys it’s this: they don’t like photo sessions.  Now there’s a good reason for this, a lot of guys assume that any photo session is going to be rigid, stuffy and posed with a whole lot of PDA.  There’s all kinds of photographers and the really good ones make this process easy without even trying but just in case you wind up needing a little help, here are some tips.


Step 1- Appreciate It.  Understand the value of the engagement session.  The session serves a couple of purposes.  Not only does it give you a chance to rehearse what your wedding day portraits will be like it give you something you’ve likely never had before. Most people have never had a professional portrait session before and this gives you a chance to have some really great pictures of you and your fiance.  As soon as you get them back, you’ll suddenly start hating every “selfie” you’ve ever taken.  There’s nothing quite like having great pictures of yourself, it’s not about the vanity of looking great in a photo it’s about finally seeing yourselves the way you see yourselves.


Step 2- Be Involved. She’s been planning this for a long time so you can’t come in like you own the place.  But believe me when I tell you that if you show some excitement about the session and throw out some ideas she will fall in love with you all over again.  So take a look online at some engagement sessions if your area and find some locations that you think are awesome.


Step 3 – Look Good. Pick up a GQ and take a look at some modern style that fits your personal style.  If fashion isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  She will be going through her entire wardrobe the night before trying to find something she looks good in and then once she finds something she’ll realize that you have to match her too and the whole thing starts over again.  Help her with this.  Pick an outfit in a magazine that looks awesome and replicate it.  Show her in advance and if she digs it then pick up something similar at the store.  Give her enough notice and you can really help her choose her own outfit.


Step 4 – Act Natural. Look at the poses in this article and elsewhere online.  If you’re photographer isn’t already posing you the way you feel comfortable just act natural.  Acting like anyone other than yourself is the best way to look awkward in a photo. Hold her the way you normally would, give her a kiss and smile the way you would if no one else was around.


Step 5 – Keep it light.  Don’t take any of this too seriously.  Have a drink beforehand if it helps.  Just focus on having a good time and have some laughs even if you’re laughing about having to be on camera- all smiles are good smiles.


That’s it.  All you have to do is follow these tips and be her rock.  If she’s getting nervous just be there for her and remind her how excited you are to be a part of it. And remember; you’re just going on a date with you finance, never mind the clicking.


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