drinking on the wedding day | 10 ways to do it right


There’s all sorts of reasons to drink and whether the story ends with cheers or tears drinking with the guys is a tradition that will never grow old.  It’s hard to imagine a day that these moments have greater impact than on a wedding day.  This isn’t about getting drunk or stupid, it’s about the age old brotherhood that comes along with pouring a glass with your closest friends.  Over the years I’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts but more than anything this list is just about doing something special and doing it right.

  • If you do drink than you should drink.  For the reasons stated above and also it will help calm your nerves that will get to you no matter how rock solid you are.
  • Exception: do NOT open that bottle under 2 circumstances; the bride has expressly asked you not to or the priest/minister/rabbi/shamen has asked you not to.  This stuff is important but it’s not worth causing problems.


  • It’s a bonding experience on the most significant day of your life.  Your’re jazzed about being with your friends, you’re beyond thrilled to be getting married.  All the energy can get ahead of you so be careful; always drink in moderation both before and after the ceremony.
  • Bud light is all good, but step it up a notch.  A nice whiskey or a scotch says a lot about how you feel about the day.  It commands respect both for the day and for your guys.  Have a nice top shelf bottle to show them that this part of the day is important too and you appreciate them there.  Plus everyone likes a good toast and they just never go the same with Natural Ice.


  • Try to have real glasses present.  The hotel plastic cups get the job done but it doesn’t quite have the same effect as a proper glass.  Send a runner down to the bar and borrow some.
  • If he/she hasn’t already, encourage your photographer to get a shot of the bottle you’re enjoying.  It’s possible your bride won’t understand this but to a guy this detail shot is right about at the same level as her shoes.


  • Of course, make sure there’s a epic shot of the toast.
  • Grab some of those airplane sized bottles by the checkout.  They’re not the classiest thing in the world but they give you a chance to sample flavors you might otherwise not for minimal investment.


  • Whiskey rocks.  If you don’t know what that is, then click HERE to get yourself some.  These frozen rocks take the place of ice cubes keeping your drinks cold while avoiding watering the drink down.  They make a great groomsmen gift so try to have some already cold while you’re getting ready.
  • A quick buying guide:
    • Stay off the bottom and the top shelf.  Cheap whiskey tastes like cheap whiskey but expensive whiskey tastes pretty darn close to the middle stuff.  On average $40-$60 is about what you want to be spending whether it’s whiskey, rum or vodka.
    • Beer is fine but make it mean something.  If you spent all of your college years slamming miller lites with your guys and they’re in your bridal party, have some there.  It’s not just a beer anymore.  If there isn’t a special brew but you’re just not a liquor guy, buy local.  It’ll taste better, mean more and bonus- you’ll be supporting the local economy.
    • Wine is just as good.  Especially if it’s a nice bottle, definitely get a little closer to the higher end if you’re going with grape.
    • Make sure there’s enough there for everybody and then some without there being enough for that one guy to have too much.  You know who he is.
    • You’re the host here so you should buy the most important bottle.  But ask your guys to chip in, you’re already buying dinner for a couple hundred people later.



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