top 5 qulaities in a best man | finding mr. right


Choosing the right guy to be your best man is probably not high on your list of things to worry about.  This is because as soon as you decided to buy the ring, you probably already knew who it would be.  It’s not always so simple when the girls are choosing their bridesmaids but for guys there’s usually a brother, best friend or college room mate who locked it in years ago.

But in case you’re having a hard time here, I have a few suggestions for you. This decision really is more important than just the fact that your best friend/brother/barber has always been there for you.  This has to be a guy that can handle the pressures of the best man title taking on a variety jobs throughout the day to keep the tough stuff away from y0u. So here are my top 5 qualities that you want in a best man.

  • He’s Responsible: He needs to be there to go on a run for last minute supplies, get the flowers from the florist when they arrive, get certain family members to certain places at certain times. The list goes on and you need someone who can handle it.  Loyalty is important here but if you have to choose between your buddy who has a solid IRA and the buddy that switched majors in college 4 times maybe you go with the former.
  • He Has Pride In His Job: Some guys take on this job and don’t really understand the weight of it.  Others are proud to be your guy and want to exemplify the term “best man” as much as possible. Don’t let your best man be the guy who just says “yes”, he should be excited and honored to be chosen.
  • He Has a Fashion Sense: This is bigger than you might think.  A lot of guys don’t even know how to tie a tie, assuming you’re no fashion expert you need someone in the room who knows more than you.  No this day isn’t about being trendy but it is damn important that you look good. So try to make sure your best man can not only help you with the functional things like folding pocket squares but also can just keep an eye out for when your tie is off center just before the ceremony.
  • He Can Multitask: This is simple.  The things mentioned above are not going to be the entire list of things he has to take on. You need to know that if he’s helping you get ready he can also be keeping an eye on the clock for when he has to make sure something gets delivered to the reception hall at a certain time- these are all things that should only be on your back burner.
  • He Has a Close Relationship With The Bride: I’ve seen it so many times; the best man speech that says “when I met what’s-her-face this weekend I could tell she was a really amazing woman.”  No.  Your best man is there for you but there is no more “you” anymore.  Now it’s you and her and to at least to some degree he is there for both of you. How could he possibly appreciate this incredible thing you’re beginning if he’s never even met her?  This doesn’t mean that he has to be her best friend too but try to make sure they at least get an introduction before that guy from work who you had to invite does.

This isn’t an official tip but consider finding a guy shorter than you.  That’s a joke but only half of one, you’re going to be standing next to him in pictures all day so give yourself as much of an advantage as you can


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