how to pick your wedding band


It’s possible that this hasn’t made it to your radar yet.  Picking your wedding band really isn’t hard but it’s important to not go into it planning to just buy the first one that you think looks nice.  Put some thought into it, make some effort and show that you care.  After all, this is something you’ll be showing off until you’re dead; so make it count.

I paid a visit to my friends over at Bernie’s & Sons in Saint Petersburg, FL to get their thoughts on this.  I’m an expert on a few things, jewelry is not one of them and I need the help just as much as you do.  I had a chat with Brad Serata who is the grandson of Bernie and he filled me in on what a guy needs to do and needs to know when he walks into the store.

  • Have an idea.  Know what matters before you go in.  Do you want your ring to match hers?  Would you rather yours have a unique look? Let’s say her engagement ring is yellow gold, but you don’t like the way that looks on you: then start with white gold and go from there.


  • Go with your gut. The first thing you’ll notice when you get there is that there are a wide variety of designs, it’s not just the classic perfect circle. If the plain ring bores you then step outside the box. But if the bold patterns feel like too much then you’re just a classic kind of guy and you should stick with that look.


  • Consider diamonds. Most groom’s wedding bands don’t have diamonds in them but that doesn’t make them feminine or odd. There are some pretty killer designs out there and they’re worth considering. The only catch is it increases the price by quite a bit, not just because the ring now contains diamonds but because the settings used in men’s rings are far more labor intensive than the settings on women’s rings.

Your starting price point is going to be about $300, the average amount that guys spend tends to be about $800. If you’re there on your own, take your time and carefully consider your options. If your fiancé joins you at the store, make sure she knows you care. You guys are there for your ring so act like it and be proactive. When she offers opinions or suggestions listen to them and stay off your phone. Your level of interest in this can easily translate into your level of interest in the wedding so make sure she gets the right message.

The best part about all this is that there are a lot of options and they’re all great. I promise after about 5 minutes you’ll narrow it down to just a couple options and wind up picking a ring you’re proud to show off.


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