be your own awesome | axe super bowl commercial

The super bowl this year brought a lot of things this year including some pretty sweet Batman v Superman commercials, a refreshingly good half time show and a surprisingly boring football game. But amidst all of that there was an Axe commercial that kind of changed the game of how men look cool.

We don’t face the same pressures as women. Women are constantly plagued by expectations and standards that seem impossible for most. It’s not the same for men but it does exist. While men don’t generally feel that society expects them to be perfect, when they do want to achieve perfection there seems to be one standard set in stone. The “James Bond” look and style is our gold standard for what a man should be when he finally reaches his goal of being a perfect male specimen.

According to the experts in male aroma over at Axe, there isn’t one standard of man. “Play to your strengths” isn’t a new notion but it’s generally perceived as settling for what you have. Take what you have and make it awesome. Who you are is all you need to kick ass and look good doing it. The only time you look bad in a suit is when suit wasn’t tailored properly for you whether your 140 pounds or 300.

So why bring this all up? Because weddings are personality driven and each one graves to be unique. You are not James Bond. So maybe Aston Martins and a good poker face don’t make you who you are. Then what does? If that thing that defines you pulls you away from the perfect male image, don’t hide it. Own it. There’s a hundred ways for every guy to look awesome, you just need to find yours. If you can’t find it yourself, talk to your friendly neighborhood tailor and start there.


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