top 5 things that can go wrong on the wedding day | how to fix them

On a day where Murphy’s Law proves nearly standard it’s no surprise that things go wrong at absolutely every wedding.  It’s hard to predict.  Depending on how deep you’ve decided to involve yourself in the planning of your wedding you may have some idea of the incredible number of wheels that are turning in order to pull this things off.  Have you ever seen the inside of a watch? That’s about how complicated this all is and what is absolutely insane is that we expect all the cogs in this machine to work together perfectly for a 6 hour period after planning it for 18 months.

Yes, things will go wrong.  But there is a bright side, you have vendors there for you.  After you’ve been doing this long enough, you’ve seen just about everything and what you haven’t seen you’ve talked about over drinks with other wedding vendors.  What that means is that while there are many things that can go wrong, the most common ones can be counted and prepared for. Below, we have our top 5 things that can (and likely will) go wrong on your wedding day and how you can fix it.


  • Somebody important will get stuck in traffic/sleep in
    • It’s happened more times than I can count.  My groom is on the phone with the one guy that was in charge of that one special thing the bride wanted to have sitting on the table next to the place cards and he’s running late.  It’s not always his fault, traffic jam, the thing wasn’t available to pick up, his girlfriend forgot it at the house.
    • You can protect yourself from this situation by playing it safe.  Perhaps safer than seems reasonable.  If someone is in charge of anything that is essential (or emotionally important at all) to the wedding day make sure that person is insanely accessible.  If they have to drive to the venue, make sure there are no highways between them and you and it certainly shouldn’t be more than a 15 minute drive. Best bet is to get them a room at your hotel or at least very close.
    • Know who you’re trusting: don’t give this job to a guy you can’t trust; you know who it is.  Even if you’re risking hurting someone’s feelings, pick your most responsible guy (hopefully your best man) and give him as much as you can.
  • An item of clothing will be stained, ruined or not fit
    • This is a more common problem with rental suits but not exclusive to them.  I’ve seen ties show up from Etsy with big stains and I’ve seen suits arrive from the tailor chalked but not trimmed.
    • The biggest thing here is to not freak out.  There are options.  The stained tie got switched with a father of the groom who would be in fewer photos, the poorly tailored suit (which should have been inspected at the menswear shop in the first place), was carefully tailored with safety pins.  Be scrappy and figure it out.
    • Don’t forget that you are likely wearing layers of clothes and many things can be hidden. Most of these problems have solutions if you just breathe and figure it out with your guys.  I even had a groom once who tried to shave the tops of his ears and cut himself which turned into a 2 hour bleed.  A weird scenario to put it lightly but we tried everything and eventually Google suggested deodorant and it worked.  So, FYI, deodorant stops bleeding when you cut yourself, who knew?


  • She will be running late
    • This isn’t a funny “women are always late” crack.  They have a lot to do and a lot of people to depend on.  It’s a worst case scenario for getting something done on time.  What’s important is to try to put it into the schedule.  If you learn that there is a delay, step up and try to take on some responsibilities that might make things easier on her end so that when she is ready she can hop into the dress and down the aisle.
  • The trolley/shuttle will be late
    • Trolleys and shuttles are a good way to save a little cash during an otherwise expensive day.  The only catch is that you’re relying on a public transportation system who considers you and your wedding equally as important as the dozens of other folks getting picked up on their route.  Take the shuttle pickup time just before the one you actually need, assume it will be late.
    • Please note that I didn’t include limos on this list.  Limo drivers are awesome and during this small window, you’re the only thing in the world that matters to them.  If it’s in the budget, get a limo/party bus every time.


  • You’ll get nervous
    • Just a heads up.  You may be the most cool headed guy in the school, but this can hit you like a ton of bricks.  Me personally, I was too busy to be nervous until right before I walked down the aisle and it would’ve been nice to expect it.  It’ll happen.
    • I’m a big fan of drinking before your wedding, not to go crazy and get started early but to have some quality time with your guys. There is a side bonus though and it can help you to relax, so maybe have something to cool your nerves once it hits you.
    • Mostly, just realize that the nerves are happening because you’re crazy about this girl and this is a really big deal.  They call it the biggest day of your life for a reason and it’s ok to be nervous.  When the time comes, put on your blinders and watch her (and only her) walk down the aisle.  She’s your whole world now so just focus on her for now.


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  1. O.k. This is what you also need to be prepped for. On our wedding night, they decorated our car. There was Shaving cream. There were Little pieces of construction paper everywhere. There was saran wrap and colored paint (washable).

    For that:
    -bucket for water
    -car washing soap
    -bag for collecting trash
    -two washcloths
    -clothes to clean uo with
    -picnic dinner for two

    Why do I add the dinner? Because we were standing in a receptn line all night, with no time for dinner. My dad drove the decorated car to the hotel for us. We were given as a gift a surprise limo ride. There was no car for us to go out to eat with because my dad had it and then when it came, it was midnight and we decided we would clean it in the morning. The hotel restaurant was very fancy and expensive, but dinner time was over. They had $7 muffins available at that time. $7 for a muffin? No. So we ate the chocolate strawberries and some crackers we had packed for the honeymoon drive. That was all we had for dinner.

    Be prepared with pb & j sandwiches, water bottles and snacks, just in case. You never know!


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