The Groom’s Getting Ready Room | Making The Right Decisions

Picking your getting ready room is really one of the simplest decisions you have to make but it’s still important to do it right.  If you’ve been handed a “to-do list” and this is on it, just follow these basic steps to make sure you not only do a good job but have a good time.

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  • It’s Not Just a Place to Get Dressed
    • The groom’s getting ready room is both social and functional.  Yes, you need to get dressed.  And yes, according to the laws of basic human conduct you need to have a private place of your own to do it in.  But this is the space that will will essentially become your man-cave for the morning.
    • Make sure it’s a place that you and all of your groomsmen can be comfortable and relax.  This means that it’s important to keep in mind the number of guys in your party.  So if you have 8 guys in your party don’t cheap out and get the basic single room,  your hotel room investment needs to match the decisions you’ve already made about the number of guys you have.
    • Make sure there’s a properly sized fridge or at least that you bring a cooler for any drinks that you are bringing.
    • Lastly be sure to have access to multiple bathrooms and showers assuming that your room only has one.  Guys take quick showers but guys are also good at waiting until the last minute to do stuff.  5 guys waiting for 1 shower is a good way to make things run late.
  • It’s Doesn’t Actually Have to be a Hotel Room
    • Think outside the box.  If you have a friend or family member with a big house consider asking them to use the space. I’d advise making sure you have already invited them to the wedding first though. A nice house is not only great for hanging out in but if a it’s a friend it comes with the added bonus of being free.
    • Avoid church or venue getting ready rooms.  Church rooms tend to just be four walls and a door and more often than not they stick the guys in the Sunday school room.  Not exactly the kick-ass bachelor pad you might have imagined. And venue’s are often happy to offer a getting ready room to the groom but that usually means a conference room.  There’s really no way to make either of these options look cool in pictures.
    • I had a groom once who rented a vacation house on the water and it was awesome.  Then he used the same house for a staycation month long honeymoon- not bad.

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  • Speaking of Pictures
    • Keep your photographers needs in mind if possible.  A good photographer can work with any situation you throw at them but try to help out.
    • Make sure there’s enough room for all your guys plus the photographer.  And remember the photographer needs a little bit of room to step back and get the shot they need.
  • This should go without saying but make sure the getting ready room is close to the ceremony venue and there are little to no risks of heavy traffic in between the two.  Do dry runs and make sure you know exactly what the travel time is.

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Lastly, just try to spend your money wisely.  This is a guy’s favorite area to save money and with good reason.  Just try to keep some of these things in mind while your budgeting the day.

Venues pictured above:

The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort

Cross Creek Ranch



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