Mr. Baldwin Style | Your Wedding Day Stylist

The short version: 

If you want to look good on your wedding day but don’t know how to do it, call Mr. Baldwin Style and set up a styling session.


The Long Version:

So you’ve got a subscription to GQ, right?  You’ve read every post on The Groom’s Guide and you follow a dozen men’s interest account on Instagram.  Then the time comes to make decisions about your wardrobe on the big day and you panic.  Maybe you’re educated and know a thing or two but somehow you don’t seem to know how to put it all together.  Well guess what- we’ve got a solution for that.


(photo credit Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography)

Introducing Mr. Baldwin, your wedding day stylist. Did you know that was even an option? I didn’t.  Not until I had an awesome conversation with Courtney Arrington-Baldwin, the business manager, head of production, and better half to Donnell Baldwin.  Donnell is a men’s fashion stylist in New York City making sure that his clients look their best whether they’re modeling for Mr. Porter or getting ready to get married.  For their grooms, Donnell and Courtney set up a 30 minute  skype conversation to get to know you and your vision for your wedding day attire.  They break down exactly who you are, what you like and what you need to be sure that you are looking dapper on the wedding day.  This is when they ask you about the things you haven’t thought of yet like how to make sure that your suit will look great next to her gown.  I was so excited to learn about all of this because at The Groom’s Guide my number 1 goal is to get grooms off their butt and be proactive about their wedding and the suit/tux is maybe the most important area that you need to have an active voice in.  More often than not the “just make me look good” attitude at the rental shop is the result of feeling like you don’t know what you’re talking about; enter Mr. Baldwin.


(Photo credit Aundre Larrow)

Donnell’s had extensive training during his nine years working for Ralph Lauren including a long stint as a men’s styling manager in the NYC corporate offices.  After he and Courtney get to know you, you have a couple options; they can either create a mood board for you or you can come see them in New York for a 4 hour styling session.  So, what’s a “mood board” and what’s a “styling session”?  The mood board is a comprehensive set of products and styles they recommend you wear on the wedding day based on their conversation with you.  It tells you where to go to get the item and how much it will cost. Best of all, this option is crazy attainable for EVERY guy.  For very small price tag (under $200) you get all this guidance including where you can save your money which usually amounts to more than their fee.  Check out the sample below.


The styling session option is about 10 times more badass and comes with a side of looking freaking awesome.  You get to have Donnell in person sizing you up and picking out the best options for you.  He figures out your look from head to toe making sure that not only do you not have to worry about any of it, but also ensuring that your bride will not believe her eyes when she sees you at the end of that aisle.  Pair that with a nice straight razor shave and an evening out with the guys and you’ve got yourself what my wife affectionately calls a day of “mampering” (don’t knock it, mampering is awesome).  There is even an option for Courtney and Donnell to attend your wedding and make sure that you and your guys look tip top.  Obviously this option comes with a higher price tag so call them and see if it’s something that can fit into your budget.


(photo credit Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography)


(photo credit Kesha Lambert Photography)

One way or another all the research in the world can’t replace a stylist’s intuition.  So if you’re looking for some inspiration, call Mr. Baldwin and get some.  Also, Courtney and Donnell have a killer book on groom style called Groom’s Book, you can buy it HERE but stay tuned for an in depth review of this awesome book.


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