A Man’s Self Image | The Try Guys video

When the topic of keeping up with society’s standard of self image comes up it’s very rare that anyone thinks of men.  You will never find me claiming that men have it harder than women in a world that expects you to have a perfect body type, especially in a world where “dad bod” is actually a term that exists.   But let’s not pretend that men don’t have their own share of pressure to conform to a certain image standard.  Any guy not within a certain range of physical fitness is going to think twice before taking his shirt off at the  beach.  This is a challenge that all men face and if it’s something that a guy approaching his wedding day is facing this might be a topic weighing heavily on his mind.

I came across this video yesterday and was compelled to share it.  It dives pretty deep into a concept that you usually only see associated with women- photoshopping an image to perfect the physical form.  When a man has his portrait taken it’s very rare that he wonders how well it will be photoshopped but this video explores the psychology of what would happen if we were to be touched up the way many of our favorite celebrities are.  Maybe some of us have a beer belly or maybe others feel like their arms aren’t big enough to impress anybody.  I think the message to be taken from this video is simply that we all have our own body types and our own personal fitness goals but we certainly shouldn’t let anyone influence our opinions on either.


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