Are You a Bow Tie Guy or a Neck Tie Guy?

Most guys don’t find themselves wearing bow ties all that often and knowing when to go with what type of tie can be a challenge at times. Your wedding day is your big chance to to step outside of your comfort zone and dress at your very most dapper.  So if you’ve always considered yourself a neck tie guy but are thinking of going the other direction, take a look at what the experts have to say.


I asked my friends over at Mr. Baldwin Style what they thought about this. “Generally speaking, bow ties are more formal in nature.” Says Donnell Baldwin,  “the traditional sense of wearing a bow tie is with formalwear looks – a tuxedo.  When worn casually, a bow tie tends to be more on the preppy side.  If a gentleman wants to wear a bow tie he will most likely look super formal or super preppy.” 

GG Hoboties flat lays -65

What about neck ties? “Neckties are a little more versatile due to their popularity amongst a vast majority of men,” says Donnell,  “neckties can be easily styled casually with a business suit, but also shorts or jeans.  There are some neckties that can even be worn with formal wear looks but those are usually solid (or toned down) neck ties that have minimal patterns and frills.”


Lately bow ties have come back in a big way and they’ve got a great place on farm weddings, backyard weddings and anything with a more casual feel in addition to your classic high end affairs.  I’ve always found it funny that bow ties tend to be best used in either the most or least formal events.

If you have a stylist or a tailor, ask their thoughts.  My suggestion would be to get the suit first, find a cut that you love and use that as your foundation. If you went with a tuxedo then your decision is made for you since really only bow ties are ever worn with tuxes.  But if you’re not sure try them both and bring a friend.  Undoubtedly either the neck tie or the bow tie will feel like it suits your personality better.

All ties featured in this article are from the awesome etsy shop, Hoboties.


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