Sprezza Box | The Man’s Monthly Grab Bag


Monthly box services are nothing new.  Sprezza Box is nothing new, for that matter, but I’d like to introduce it to the grooms of the world as a great option for prepping your wedding day.  If you don’t know, Sprezza Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers all kinds of goodies to your door, primarily focusing on men’s fashion accessories.  Just to be clear right off the bat here, Sprezza Box is not a Groom’s Guide sponsor and they don’t advertise with us in any way, I just think the service is great and want you to know about it.  One thing you can count on for sure is that you’ll get a new tie pretty much every time; a great way to build up your tie collection. There’s also a good chance you’ll get a pocket square, tie clip, bracelet and other similar items.

Here’s probably the best part; the subscription costs $25 a month and each box comes with over $100 worth of stuff.  If you’ve considered stepping up your fashion game and started looking into it only to find you’d have to spend an astronomical amount of money to have a decent sized collection then this is definitely your best option.  A super satisfying feature is that each box comes with a little card that tells you about each item and how much they usually cost.


So why does a groom need this? If you’re taking a proactive approach to your wedding day look then you need a starting point.  If you’re as clueless about men’s fashion as I was when I started all of this, you need something like Sprezza Box.  After 6 months of the service you have a great collection of colors and styles that all look great.  You now have options but not the entire planet full of men’s fashion to choose from. Plus, each one feels like you’re opening a present and who doesn’t like getting presents?


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