The Perfect Gift for a Groom

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Every post on The Groom’s Guide is written for the groom to read.  I’m going to break the mold this time and help out the brides.  If you’re in the midst of wedding planning then you have about a hundred thousand things on your mind.  Probably one of them is what on Earth do you get your groom for a gift on the big day? For many of you the answer may already be obvious; there is something important in your relationship that will make the perfect gift and no one can help you pick a better one.  But if you’re struggling, there is one single gift that is just right for all grooms: the watch.

A classic timepiece is something that all men appreciate even if they don’t spend a lot of time talking about how badly they want one.  If your guy doesn’t traditionally wear a watch he should really still have one to wear for formal occasions such as your wedding.  There are a lot of great and thoughtful presents he’d love to open on the wedding day, but the watch is a win every time.

So, where to start? Great looking watches can literally be purchased at absolutely every price range if you know where to look. Remember, we’re focusing on fashion more than function here keeping sport watches off our radar for now.  You want a watch that will look great peeking out the edge of his cuff, one that shines in that classic portrait where he’s adjusting his tie. Men have precious few opportunities to allow their look to be different from every other guy in a black tie, this is his chance to make a bold statement without taking any risks.


Below are some of my favorite watch retailers filtered by price range.  The difference in price tends to reflect the quality of craftsmanship.  I have insanely affordable options here, but it goes without saying that those watches will never be handed down to your grandson (another perk of a nice timepiece, by the way). Also, just as in all areas of fashion, the brand will effect the price.  The superior quality the TAG Heuer watch provides as compared to the Fossil watch will not be obvious to someone who’s not an expert but everyone knows the brand and when you want it you pay for it. It’s important to note that the list below is simply an example of my preferred brands and the list of options is significantly larger than what you see here.


Ali Express – Seriously, some of these really nice looking watches are around $15! I will never tell you to expect these to last for years, I would also recommend you allow plenty of time for shipping but when you’re out of money but want the nice presentation Ali Express is the way to go.


Swatch – There are a lot of cheesy options here and you may need to do a little digging to find the more classic designs, but when you do you can count on a nice looking watch that comes from a slightly more reliable source.


Arvo – I got my first Arvo watch in the Hudson box from Sprezza and love it.  To learn more about the Sprezza Box subscription, click HERE.

Fossil – Fossil watches come in a wide variety from sport to classic design.  Affordable prices for a great product.


Seiko – We’re getting into the nicer brands here so try not to get too sticker shocked.  Seiko is an excellent company and their products stand the test of time.

Citizen – You’ve heard the name before and that’s why the prices get so high.  You get what you pay for.

Bulova – I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I own a Bulova watch.  By far I am more proud to have it in my collection than any other accessory I own.


Like I said, there are many more options but the more you have to choose from the harder it can be.  This should be a great jump start to finding the perfect wedding day gift for your groom.


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