Let’s talk about getting married.  Nothing could be easier, right guys?  You got the ring, hard part’s over.  Now you can just sit back and watch your fiancé Pinterest and blog-search her way through the next 6 to 24 months.  Right?  No.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over six years now and if there’s one thing I’ve seen a lot of, it’s clueless grooms.  Now here’s the thing (and this is important) it’s not their fault.  Men aren’t supposed to know these things.  Guys, you’re not supposed to know how to pin a boutonniere or even what one is really.  I could hardly expect you to be an expert on a properly tailored suit, the perfect tie length or the absolute maximum number of buttons that should be on your jacket.

This isn’t for the engaged David Beckhams of the world or really anybody that you would actually see featured in GQ.  This is for the average guy. The guy who is wearing a shirt because it was the one at the top of the drawer, or the guy who picked out that watch because, you know, it tells time.

You’re not alone.

I’m a regular guy too. And I know you don’t care too much about all this stuff, but you should at least a little bit. It is your wedding day and you care about you her. But even if you don’t have a small fashion monger brewing inside you, I know that you love her and want to knock her off her pretty little heels when she sees you for a first time.  And you also want to help a little with the wedding planning. Maybe even put in some of your own ideas? Buddy, you can’t do it alone. So let me help.

We’re going to cover it all, the fashion part but also: groomsmen gifts, pre-wedding drinking, hair, shaving, fitness and training, watches, accessories, DJs, and….. bachelor parties?  Yeah, why not?  And I’ll take it one step further; I see a lot of #weddingwednesdays in the Instagram world.  Well, it’s time for #notweddingwednesdays where we’ll cover everything from home brewing to grilling and fantasy sports.

Also, I’m learning with you.  I won’t pretend to be an expert or naturally gifted at any of this, I’m just well read on the subject and know the things that come up on the wedding day. I have a good reason to do the research for you so you can get back to Clash of Clans.  So let’s do this together, we’ll all learn something, we’ll have some fun and damn it we’ll look good doing it.  Welcome to The Groom’s Guide.











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