People You Should Know

What To Wear

what to wear

  • Combat Gent – Online shop for suits, tuxes, shirts, you name it. Order your size then have it tailored to fit you perfectly.
  • Sprezza Box– Monthly subscription service that sends all kinds of goodies every month including ties, pocket squares, bracelets, watches and more! $25/mo for $100+ value.
  • Hoboties – Homemade Etsy tie shop.  Perfect for the casual wedding.
  • Trunk Club – Box service that sends clothes monthly tailored to your taste and size. Every box is full of stuff you’ll want but anything you don’t want you can send back, free of charge with no exceptions.
  • The Tie Bar – Ties, bow ties, pocket squares, accessories and more.

How to Wear it

how to wear it

  • GQ – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Gentlemen’s Quarterly has always been a great men’s fashion resource, just don’t feel like you have to buy the brands they push, sometimes they forget the rest of us have normal jobs.
  • Esquire – Same story.  There’s no such thing as too much information.
  • The Tie Bar – Again.  I stumbled across their youtube channel one day and loved it.

Groomsmen Gifts

groomsmen gift header

  • RK Gent – Guys who understand guys.  They make it simple to find the classy gifts that your guys deserve.
  • Engrave My Memories – A nice step up from the classic cigar box.  Take a look at their personalized wooden boxes.

More coming soon


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